Sunday, 10 March 2013

Students from many nations

The other day I was trying to think of all the countries from which students I have taught have come. Here are the ones I can remember (49 altogether). If you were a student of mine and I have forgotten your country please let me know. Surely I have taught someone from Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland or Austria! If so it has slipped my mind.

United Kingdom (including the Channel Islands) Republic of Ireland France Spain Portugal The Netherlands Germany Italy Norway Sweden Finland Russia Poland Romania Czech Republic Bulgaria Greece Turkey Cyprus Lebanon Iran Israel Saudi Arabia Bahrain Algeria South Africa Botswana Zambia Zimbabwe Tanzania Nigeria Ghana Mauritius India Pakistan Singapore Malaysia China (including Hong Kong) Taiwan Japan Thailand Viet Nam Australia Fiji USA Canada Mexico Brazil Guatemala


  1. Shabnam from Tajikistan reminds me that I taught her - so that makes 50 different countries!

  2. Robert Gausden has reminded me that I have also taught students from Georgia, Latvia and Ukraine. So that is 53 countries altogether.