Tuesday, 17 June 2014

New story - Sockey

“So” Guy, “when did you realise that you were good at this game? asked the Sky reporter.

“It was all a bit of a serendipity really” replied my internet avatar.  I happened to accompany one of my friends from the Watford Academy to the Arsenal training ground where they were having a game. One of the Watford boys was injured and they asked me if I would like to fill in. I score two of the goals in our 4-1 win and the rest is history”.

“Tell us a bit more about the game of Sockey please. Not many of our viewers may know much about the game.”

“Well it is quite straightforward really. It is a cross between six-a-side football and hockey. There is a small leather puck and players can either hit it with a small hockey like stick, or kick it with their feet. Most of the time players use the stick, but occasionally they kick the ball when it sits up nicely for a strike at goal.”

“As you did for that second goal.  That was well struck.”

“It just sat up nicely for me so I thought I would give it a go.”

“And the next thing we know is it is all round YouTube.”

“Yes, I was lucky there was someone there videoing it.”

“So where does it go from here?”

“Well we want to develop more interest in the sport, see if it can be picked up in other countries so we can get some international tournaments going.”

“And for you, yourself?”

“Well, just improve really. It really is still early days for me.”

“Well thanks very much and good luck for the future”.

My internet avatar returned to the training ground behind him to re-join his team mates.
Unlike the Guy in the real world, the avatar not only loves sport but is good at all of them (just like his real world brother and nephews!)”

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