Saturday, 15 March 2014

Toy guns and table-top games

I don't know if I had somehow subliminally screened out my more violent toys, but it comes back to me now that as a young boy I also had a toy gun, not to mention a bow and arrows. Andy and I would play cowboys and Indians in the back garden.  We used to buy small gunpowder caps that you could put in the gun to make a loud bang. The arrows had a rubber tip on them but you still felt it if one hit you on the body.  I also remember that we had pea shooters. We also used to crush rowan berries into the end of a bicycle pump and fire them at various targets.

I also had a little canon that would  fire matchsticks.  We had little plastic soldiers that we would line up on the table and shoot at.

The other games that I have now recalled were table-top sports games.  Blow football, and then later at Ron's, Subbuteo.  We spent many happy hours with that.

Andy and I also used to play a cricket game based on rolling a die and a small hexagonal piece of metal to generate scores. I can't remember exactly how it worked but according to the roll of the die you either scored runs or got out in some specific way. We made up our teamsheets based on the cricketers of the day - Ken Barrington, Fred Titmus and the like - and then played all afternoon, writing up the scores in a book as if it was a real match. Latent statto tendencies emerging!

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