Tuesday, 18 March 2014


If the universe was but one year old
Three hundred and sixty-five days
Then the sun wasn't born until August 21
And dinosaurs died only yesterday.

Jesus was born just five seconds ago
And science has only just begun
We have learned so much
But there is still so much more
That's beyond us when all's said and done.

Are we unique?
Are there other planets out there
Amongst all the trillions
Supporting life of any kind?
Or are we alone,a pinprick in space
With no-one out there we could find?

38.8 billion years have passed
Since the time of the big bang
Or is time just an illusion
Something we experience but
Not the full shebang?

White dwarfs, red dwarfs, brown ones too
Dark space, black holes
I wonder what you do

Quasars, quarks, neutrinos too
The big and the small all here in space
Supernovae, galaxies, our own Milky Way
Everything out there in its own rightful place

But is there only one universe?

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