Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Story Episode 11

So now we were back at Stan's pub.  There were no new clues to be found from our visit to our place of imprisonment. But with Stan's help we had tracked down the name and even the home address of one of our jailers, Nathan Roberts. We had even gone there to see where it was that he lived, in a council house on the outskirts of Dorchester. We had seen a young lad playing outside and a woman, presumably Mrs. Roberts, putting out the washing in the back garden.

We had visited G4S HQ and spoken to someone there. He was obviously not a senior manager though, and we just had to hope that he had passed on our story to one of his superiors. And that person took it seriously enough to follow it up. We just had to be patient and wait a few days to see if they would do anything about the accusations we had made.

We had a text from Mike, our next door neighbour, to say that it looked as if the stakeout outside our house was over. Looking out of his window that morning he saw that the car was gone.
So Nathan Roberts and the other jailer were on their way back to Dorset, perhaps already there. It was best if we avoided going into Dorchester for the time being. I didn't particularly want to run into Roberts for a while. The last time we had been together I had whacked him over the back with a table leg in my cell. 

Talking it over as a group we also came to the view that if, as we were assuming, the jailers had been recruited locally, they were probably not G4S employees. We should perhaps just leave them alone. It wouldn't help Mrs. Roberts and her son if herb husband was put in jail. It was likely that the man who had interviewed Dave and me was working with someone else at G4S HQ - perhaps just one other person. These were the people to go after.

Penny suggested that as we had time to kill it might be a good idea to have a day out somewhere.  Dave said that he preferred just stay in his room. Stan had to stay in his pub having left it all to his wife the previous day.

Penny suggested a day out in Bridport and nearby West Bay. We hadn't been there for a while.
The drive down there was a slow one. We seemed to get stuck behind caravans on a regular basis. But the view from the top of the hill of the coast as you come into Bridport was breathtaking. We had seen it before of course but, except when it is obscured by sea mist, it always makes the drive worthwhile.

Bridport was quite busy as it was market day and there were stalls all up the main street. Penny insisted on looking at all the stalls, although she didn't buy anything.  We had a coffee and a bit of cake in an independent coffee and tea shop and then got in the car to go down to West Bay.
We parked the car and had a bit of a stroll round.  Soon it seemed to be lunch time so we enjoyed an excellent fish and chip meal.  After that we needed another walk. It was a lovely day and it felt like we were on holiday. We returned to our car and stopped off again in Bridport. By now it was late enough for afternoon tea! Then we drove back to our temporary home at the pub.

Penny had purposely left her mobile phone switched off for our day out but once we were back at the pub she switched it on again.  To her surprise there was a voice mail message from the young man we had spoken to.  "Here", said Penny "You had better listen to this. Things seem to be happening."

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