Thursday, 8 May 2014

Story Episode 2

When I woke up I decided to scrutinise my clothing a little more. After taking off my shoes I removed my t-shirt and sweat pants to look at them more closely. They appeared to be brand new and not garments that had been worn by someone else and then washed. Turning them inside out I saw that the tabs which would have indicated who made them and where they had been bought from had been cut away. I noticed that my underpants were also black and again there was no indication of manufacturer or retailer. I put all my clothes back on again.

A little while later breakfast was delivered. To my surprise I was given a lukewarm paper cup of tea and an already shelled hard-boiled egg on a piece of toast. No knife and fork, not even plastic ones.

I started to formulate a plan. If I could get the toilet bucket I could put the tea, which I was sure would have been drugged, into the bucket with my pee. I could then be ready for my jailer when he came to remove my cup and plate. But before I could do this the door opened and the jailer told me to follow him. I was taken into the corridor and we turned left into a room further down in that direction. I noted that my room was at the end of the corridor – there were no further rooms to the right.  There were no rooms on the other side of the corridor, just a blank wall.  There were just four rooms to be seen, mine, another that we passed by next to it, the room I was taken to and one more room beyond that. Then, at the end of the corridor, a heavy looking door that looked like the exit.

Entering the room I saw a man all dressed in black sitting behind a desk. There was a chair facing the desk which he directed me to sit on. I noticed a filing cabinet in the corner. There was nothing else in the room, no paintings or decorations of any sort, just plain white walls. The jailer, who was also wearing only black, stood behind me.

“Name?” the man behind the desk barked.
“I don’t remember” I said.

The man appeared to tick a box on a form on the desk in front of him. “Take him back” he said to my jailer, whereupon I was escorted back to my cell with the door slammed firmly behind me.

After a little while I looked at the coffee table. If I could do it quietly I might be able to lever off one of the legs which I could use as an offensive weapon if I could get the jailer into my room when I was not drugged. I slowly got to work and through gentle rocking back and forth succeeded in my task. Then I carefully balanced the table on this and the three other legs up against the wall ready for when I needed it. After that I settled down on my bed trying to work out the best time to make my attempted escape.

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