Thursday, 22 May 2014

Story Episode 12

Penny and I had enjoyed a lovely day out in Bridport and West Bay. Rather than just sitting in the pub twiddling our thumbs and hoping to hear from someone at G4S we thought it was a good idea to get away from the Dorchester area and make the most of the nice weather.

Penny had intentionally left her mobile phone switched off for our day out. For at least one day we could try to pretend that we were living a normal life. But as soon as we had got back to the pub she had switched her phone on only to discover that we had a voicemail message from the young man we had spoken to at G4S HQ in Crawley.

It was encouraging news. The young man had spoken to one of the more senior members of staff who had immediately accepted the credence of our story. Apparently senior staff had been having some suspicions about what a certain member of staff had been doing. Part of his job was to deal with bank payments and someone had noticed that recently he had been spending a lot more time on this aspect of his work than before.  As a result of what we had told them this man had been put under close surveillance. In addition they were aware that this individual was related to another G4S employee who was based in Bournemouth. He could easily get back and forth to Dorchester from there. Someone had been sent down to watch his movements and to report back.

The senior G4S man had also initiated investigations into the white squatter camps in South Africa that we had mentioned. Hopefully this would lead to the recovery of Ken and Tom.

At the end of the voicemail the young man had left us a direct line phone number at G4S for us to call.  Penny dialed the number and found that she had got through to Mandy in reception.  She passed the phone to me. 

When I said who was calling Mandy said "Oh yes, hello.  Things do seem to be moving here now following your conversation with Gavin. He spoke to Mr. Anderson, one of our senior members of staff. He would very much like you to come up to Crawley as soon as possible to give him more exact details on what you know You showed Gavin a file with lots of information but you didn't leave it here. Mr. Anderson would like you to bring it with you when you come so that he can take a photocopy of your report and the other files for us to work with".  I told Mandy that he wouldn't need to photocopy anything as we had got one ready to give him . (I didn't mention that we also had other copies to go off to the newspapers!) Mandy asked when it would be convenient for us to see Mr. Anderson. I  said the sooner the better.  We agreed a time of 2 o'clock the next day, a perfect time as we wouldn't have to rush to get there in the morning.

We passed the good news on to Dave and Stan and got ready for our evening meal.  "Something light for me" Penny said. "After the fish and chips and all the cakes I have eaten today I haven't got room for much else".

I said that we should at least have a celebratory drink as things now seemed to be working out.  "Not until we know that Ken and Tom are safe and well" said Penny. "Well, maybe just a nice glass of wine and we will save the champagne for later!".

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