Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Story Episode 6

We had now produced multiple copies of the files put together by the rogue G4S employees and written a full report of our findings.  These were ready to send off to the newspapers and everywhere else we could think of to make sure that, whatever happened to us, the story would get out.

Now we had to get hold of some big envelopes to put these things in, and some stamps to put on them ready for posting. Where should we go to do this? The problem with going to a small town was that there might not be a shop that sold big envelopes. In the end we decided that we must go to Dorchester. There was a WHSmith there that would have the envelopes and a post office that could sell us the stamps.
To speed things up I could fill one envelope to be weighed in the post office. We could then get the right value stamps for the remaining envelopes and then post them all later.

We parked in the car park near Waitrose and Penny and I headed off to Smiths. Dave stayed in the car. Luckily for us Smiths had twenty large envelopes in stock. We bought them all. I filled one envelope and we went on to the post office. Annoyingly there was a long queue and we were kept waiting for some time. Eventually we got our representative envelope weighed and purchased the stamps we needed.  As we were leaving we saw Dave running towards us. "Hurry up" he said. "I have just seen our jailer and another guy looking round the car park".  "If we don't make a quick break for it they will be onto us".
The three of us ran for the car as fast as we could and immediately took off with Penny driving.

"Bother" said Penny. "I think they have seen us". Sure enough as we exited the car park we saw the jailer's car backing out of its parking space ready to give chase. "I will try to give them the slip by going down cut throughs and back roads" she added.
And so it was that, although initially the other car managed to keep track of us, eventually Penny lost them and we were able to get back to the pub without being caught.

The next thing to do was to fill all the envelopes ready for posting, so we went back to our rooms and did just that.
"Now let's just have a nice pub lunch to help us relax and build up our strength" suggested Penny. There is nothing like a nice bit of steak and kidney pudding, washed down with a real ale, so I readily agreed.

Over lunch we discussed what we should do next. One idea that I had was to go to G4S's headquarters in Crawley and try to see the CEO or some other senior member of staff and tell them what had been going on. Although I don't particularly like the company, the people in charge there would be best placed to identify their rogue employees. I also remembered that G4S has a South African subsidiary so maybe they could help track down Tom and Ken too.
However it was probably too late to try to do this today. It would be very late in the afternoon before we could get to Crawley by which time almost certainly there would be nobody available to see us. Agreeing this Dave and I had another beer and Penny had a second glass of red wine.

The pub has a good stock of novels that guests can borrow and I managed to find an old Georges Simenon Maigret book that was short enough for me to read in an afternoon. Dave said he would just watch TV in his room. Penny contented herself with a pile of women's magazines.
We agreed that next day we would go to Crawley. Only later did I wonder why Dave and I had not telephoned our bosses to explain what had happened to us. It probably didn't matter in the end as they would find out soon enough

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