Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Story Part 1 Awakening

I woke up suddenly.Was it the sound of a door slamming nearby perhaps?  I looked around me and found that I was in a cell about three metres wide and five metres long. The ceiling was quite high up with some light coming through a grill.  Where was I?  More worryingly who was I? I couldn't remember a thing about how I got here or who I was.

I looked at myself.  I was wearing a black t-shirt, elasticated sweat pants, white socks and slip on canvas shoes.  Would these have been clothes that I would normally have worn or had I been dressed in them by whoever had imprisoned me here?

I looked around the cell.  There was some bedding on the floor and a small coffee table.  Nothing else. I sat down on the coffee table.  What was going on? How had I got here and how could I not remember anything, not even my name?

Dejected, I  sat in silence trying to force some thoughts from my head but nothing much would come.  I wondered if my memory loss was permanent, caused by some horrendous neurological operation, or just temporary as the result of a drug of some kind. The latter I hoped.

After some hours there was a knock at the door which then opened only slightly and  I  saw that a paper plate with a slice of white bread and a piece of cheese and a paper cup with water had been pushed into the cell.  I walked over and got them suddenly feeling hungry and thirsty, wolfing them down. I felt tired, lay down on the bed and went to sleep.

When I awoke it was light and I saw that someone must have come into the cell while I  was asleep as the empty paper cup and plate had gone. I wondered if I had been drugged by something in the water.

I went back over things again.  I had a slight moment of hope as it came to me that the cheese was cheddar cheese. Not very nice cheddar cheese but I was cheered that I could recognise the type of cheese I had been given.

Then I realised that I needed to go to the toilet.  I banged on the door calling out that I needed the toilet.  After a couple of minutes the door opened slightly and a plastic bucket was thrust through the gap. I sat down on it and relieved myself.

Then I lay down on the bad and tried to think but to no effect.

Many hours later more water, bread and cheese was pushed through the door for me.  It looked like I was going to be on a basic and unvaried diet.  I ate and drank and then quickly went back to sleep. My last thought was, yes, they have put sleeping drugs in the water.

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